The beauty haven, that represents the LUXUSLASHES® concept.


A location of luxury

The LUXUSLASHES® Lounge is the place that represents the LUXUSLASHES® concept and where the LUXUSLASHES® philosophy is lived with every blink of an eye. Here you will experience the luxury that you have always wanted, because with the LUXUSLASHES® Lounge, we have created a place where quality in the highest form exists and the art of professional eyelash extensions is elevated to a new level.

As soon as you enter a LUXUSLASHES® Lounge, you will notice the calming and relaxing atmosphere, inviting you to relax immediately and enjoy the high-quality service.

The concept of the LUXUSLASHES® Lounge is based worldwide on three coordinated principles, making each visit a unique experience. It's the perfect combination of the highest quality design, unique product quality and perfect service. Loose yourself in a world of luxury.

Luxury guaranteed

At LUXUSLASHES®, we attach great importance to meeting the highest quality standards worldwide. The unique quality management, the perfectly trained staff worldwide and the use of original LUXUSLASHES® products of the highest quality guarantee you a consistently high quality every time you visit our LUXUSLASHES® Lounges - with guarantee factor.

Product guarantee

The original LUXUSLASHES® application products are tested according to the strictest criteria and meet the highest quality standards in terms of reliability and compatibility. In a LUXUSLASHES® Lounge only high quality LUXUSLASHES® products are used.

Training guarantee

Over the years, we at LUXUSLASHES® have developed a unique and standardized training concept, guaranteeing a consistently high standard of service throughout the world.

Exclusivity guarantee

Some selected premium products are only available in original LUXUSLASHES® Lounges.

Assortment guarantee

Every LUXUSLASHES® Lounge has the entire LUXUSLASHES® product range in stock and can therefore fulfill every eyelash dream.

Team guarantee

In each LUXUSLASHES® Lounge always several lash stylists are present at the same time. So it is guaranteed that our customers always receive perfect service quality.

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