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How long do LUXUSLASHES® last?

With the special application technology the eyelashes extensions can be worn permanently. They adhere only on your eyelashes – not to the eyelid. You should carry out refills every 3-4 weeks; this means that eyelashes that have fallen out are replaced, so that the fullness is preserved.

How does the application of LUXUSLASHES® work?

The eyelash lengthening is not painful and lasts between 1 and 2 hours, depending on how many eyelashes are applied. You lie calmly, with closed eyes on a cosmetics recliner. Most customers fall asleep and wake up again with wonderful eyelashes.

What should I pay attention to prior to the application?

Do not use eye make-up, but clean the eyelashes before with a mild, no alcohol-containing cleanser. Do not use face or eye cream before application. Do not use an eyelash curler or eyelash perm prior to the application.

Do the LUXUSLASHES® extensions damage my natural eyelashes?

With professional use your natural eyelashes are not damaged. Only wrongly applied eyelashes or flares which are applied on several natural eyelashes, damage your natural eyelashes. For this reason choose your LUXUSLASHES® only from a certified partner.

Why do LUXUSLASHES® last so long?

The special application method and the products coordinated with each other optimally and provide together with the perfect application the long durability of LUXUSLASHES®. The especially developed glue and bonding agent of LUXUSLASHES® adheres the natural eyelash permanently with the extension – until the growth phase of your own eyelash ends and the lash falls out.

Can I buy an apply LUXUSLASHES® myself?

No. LUXUSLASHES® may be applied only by especially qualified professional stylists. A special training which is offered by educators from LUXUSLASHES®, with many years of experience is necessary for this. This is the only way to guarantee that you will have a lot of pleasure with your extensions and not damage your natural eyelashes. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the original quality of the extensions and to look closely if the certified person is a qualified lash stylist.

What should I pay special attention to after a lash extension?

The glue needs about 24 hours to reach its final adhesion. Hence, it should not become wet during this time. Avoid hot showers or sauna visits during the first 48 hours. Do not pull or rub the eyelashes. Please use our special make-up remover to cleanse your eyes and our sealant to protect the bonding.

Can I continue to use my mascara?

LUXUSLASHES® have a nice bend and consist of extremely black, synthetic eyelashes. Therefore, the use of mascara is not necessary. Should you still not want to go without mascara, please use our LUXUSLASHES® mascara. Please only use it on the tip (not the base) of the eyelashes as this will avoid the lashes sticking together and breakage within the glue.

Are there several types of LUXUSLASHES®?

There are different thicknesses, different lengths and differently curved eyelashes in different colors.

In addition, there are the particularly glamorous silk or mink eyelashes that conjure up the glamor of Hollywood stars on your eyelashes. Brand new is our FOCONYES technology, which uses special soft eyelashes to create sensationally natural looks that deliver exceptional volume and dramatic looks.

As special training is required for this unique technology, we have featured those studios in our studio finder that offer their customers eyelash extensions with FOCONYES technology.

What else do I have to pay attention to?

Oil-based cleaners dissolve the eyelash adhesive. In order to ensure the durability of the eyelashes, we ask you to refer to the products recommended by us. Regular visits to the steam room and sauna can weaken the adhesive and reduce the durability of your eyelash extensions.

What is the difference between LUXUSLASHES® and any other eyelash extensions?

Lashes are available on every corner today. We from LUXUSLASHES® set clearly on quality and fair prices. The price battle with low budget suppliers can and will not be matched by us, we because LUXUSLASHES® would rather develop new innovations for our clients instead of copying others. All of our products are developed by people that work with them daily and know exactly what is required to become LUXUSLASHES® products. It is our mission to provide you with the best products, not the cheapest.

My lashes are long, but not full. Can LUXUSLASHES® help?

Of course. To only lengthen the lashes would be half the job. When we speak about beautiful results – nothing else would come from LUXUSLASHES® – then it would not be enough to just lengthen lashes. We analyse your lashes and apply different lengths, thickness and bends to reach the desired result that you are looking for.

Can I become a LUXUSLASHES® stylist?

If you like to work with people, have a calm hand and quality in your work is important, then you can become a lash stylist in our seminar. You can find more information on our Website under "training".

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