The newest professional technique


The FOCONYES eyelash extension technic

More than full is not possible. But just full is still not enough.

Lashes with glamorous volume are available on every corner today. But what benefit are lashes in extreme lengths if they look unnatural or feel too heavy on your eye. Exactly this is where our challenge lies, that could only be solved through the experience of experts. The solution is the correct technique.

This is why LuxusLashes™ has created the FOCONYES technique.

A completely new application technique paired with self-made Soft Lashes for unique volume, unbelievable length and perfect bend in a dimension that has never been achieved before.

Only specially trained salons are authorized to apply the FOCONYES technique.

Here you will find all information about the technique, the special FOCONYES products, as well as the possibilities of learning this revolutionary technique.