The LuxusLashes™ Lounge

Die Lounge

Diese Art der Wimpernverlängerung wird Sie begeistern!

Others can compromise. We only have one quality. The best.

A professional way clients experience a lash extension in a LuxusLashes™ Lounge, a place that represents the LuxusLashes™ concept. A LuxusLashes Lounge is fit with extravagant customer made furniture specially designed for lash extensions which offers clients surroundings that in combination with the best trained lash specialists, automatically awakens the impression of a first class service.


The LuxusLashes™ Lounge is a place, where each and every client receives the best quality in lash extensions which is required by our strict quality standards, and also a place where their friendly service reflects the LuxusLashes™ principals.


An interaction of design, product quality and perfect service makes a LuxusLashes™ Lounge a comfortable location where the client is always king.


A constant quality control and constantly executed additional trainings for every franchisee and all employes, as well as the use of original LuxusLashes™ products ensures the stable high quality for each visit.