Eyelash extensions


Eyelash Extensions from LuxusLashes™


We, LuxusLashes™, have made it our goal to fulfill the luxury of long, curved eyelashes with a natural look, for every type of woman.  Our eyelash extensions are carried out with the utmost professionalism, quality and durability. Thanks to original LuxusLashes™, your eyes are perfectly emphasized and you no longer need mascara.

Design and Quality

With our eyelash extensions you can choose between different lengths, thickness and bends. With this high degree of individuality we offer the perfect match and type-specific eyelash extension for every woman. Our synthetic lashes look very natural, are extremely elastic and very black. The extensions are available from 7 mm to 15 mm.

Specific benefits and durability

With a professional eyelash extension, mascara belongs to the past. Our specially developed adhesive is excellent in resistance and tolerability with which daily showers as well as activities such as sports and swimming are no longer a problem. The LuxusLashes™ last as long as the natural lashes which fall out in regular cycles every two to three months and renew themselves constantly. To maintain perfect fullness, regular refills are necessary. This type of extension is also perfectly suited for contact lens wearers.

What exactly is an eyelash extension?

Absolutely natural-looking, synthetic lashes are individually applied – lash by lash- to your own lashes to give you lasting durability with more density, more length and the perfect accent to your eyes.

To ensure the self-imposed demand for the highest quality in LuxusLashes™, we are of course not only busy in the development and distribution of LuxusLashes™, but we also offer a comprehensive system of education and training, so that each LuxusLashes™ customer worldwide can benefit long-term from the guaranteed consistently high quality. Therefore we are represented by partners and training centers in more than 13 countries, develop our own quality products and are constantly researching new techniques.

Why? So you can decide on original LuxusLashes™ and not just any eyelash extension.